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Learning Lab Education Radio

Jan 12, 2015

In this episode, I explain why blogging is an important tool for modern educators as well as give a brief "how to" when getting started with a blog.

Links referenced in episode: 

What you choose to write about is up to you, but some ideas could be:

  1. Best practice from your classroom- this is a great time to draw on personal experience

  2. An idea or technique you’d like to try- get your thoughts down on how this new idea or technique could be used

  3. Book review- read something interesting related to education, share your reflections and actionable items with others, you’ll find that others will share their recommendations with you!

  4. Experience from a conference- bringing others along virtually helps to share your professional learning and can help to solidify what you yourself learned.

The three part comment principle:

  1. Be positive- start with a compliment

  2. Build connection- draw a parallel from your own life or experience to the post

  3. Ask a question, this helps to further the conversation instead of ending it.

I hope that you are feeling inspired to get that blog going! Once you’ve posted that first post, I’d love to read it!