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Learning Lab Education Radio

Feb 12, 2015

In this episode, I learned all about makerspaces from John Calvert who is an elementary technology teacher from New York. We discuss setting up a makerspace and the philosophy behind these spaces, as well as helpful tools and equipment. John discusses trials and tribulations on his journey and gives himself advice for when he started. It's an engaging discussion that you won't want to miss if you are considering a makerspace in your school environment.

Makerspace Points:

  • You don’t need to pack your makerspace with techy tools for it to be successful, pay attention for John's go-to items, they may surprise you!
  • The whole makerspace concept focuses on the process not the outcome necessarily. This is so relevant to how we want modern learners to become equipped to excel and incorporates the central idea behind the growth mindset.
  • Time is a more valuable commodity than money in creating a makerspace as creation take lots of time.

About John Calvert

With over a decade of experience weaving technology in elementary curriculum, John has been on the forefront of the makerspace movement in Westchester County NY where his school is located. John and is a Google Certified Teacher (GTANY)and Google APPs Administrator. He has his share of awards for his innovative work: In 2011 he was awarded the Lower Hudson Regional Information Centers prestigious “Pioneer Award” for his work in bringing Google Apps For Education to a school district with almost ten thousand students. He blogs regulary at his posts are thoughtful and often highly technical while being easy to read and understand.

If you are planning on attending ISTE early this summer in Philadelphia, John will be presenting a session titled “Google Apps and Authentic publishing:Add ons and Script case studies” be sure to take that in as John’s presentations are not to be missed!