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Learning Lab Education Radio

Feb 26, 2015

Google Apps For Education is transforming the educational landscape, nowhere is this more true than in urban school districts. This free and very robust suite of tools allows teachers and administrators to personalize large amounts of data in an efficient manner. My guest, Andrew Stillman, has created many of the free tools that are used in conjunction with Google Apps. Currently his work is focused on improving the handling of vast amounts of data in the urban school setting of New York City with New Visions For Public Schools- a non-profit.

Google Apps:

  • New model of computing
  • Helps manage large volumes of school data
  • Fundamentally different in cost structure
  • Ability for students to access school community outside of school

"Unfortunately there is a disconnect between what is perceived as a need for innovation in education, and I wouldn't trivialize the substance of what happens in a classroom- the magic of a really skilled pedagog engaging students, but there are much more foundational needs that undermine all those other conversations".- Andrew Stillman

Find Add-Ons:

There are many very helpful add-ons that can be found at which is the central location for the work that Andrew and the team at New Visions are doing. Some of Andrew's most noted Add-Ons are Doctopus, FormRanger and siteMaestro. He can be found on Google+ (search Andrew Stillman) and on Twitter as @astillman.