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Learning Lab Education Radio

Mar 13, 2015

Next Generation Science Standards represent an exceptional opportunity to revamp the way students learn science in our schools. My guest, Fred Ende, is the Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instructional Services at the P/NW BOCES in New York State. An ASCD emerging leader and science curriculum specialist Fred has a wealth of knowledge regarding science education, and education in general to share.

During this interview, we discuss how the NGSS departs from traditional science education in terms of anticipating implementation in the next few years. Fred shares some real paradigm shifting ideas that will require fundamental change to successfully incorporate into our schools they include:

  • Moving away from "canned lessons"
  • Discontinue recipe following with "cookie cutter" labs
  • Embracing longer term projects or portfolios
  • Focusing on iquiry rather than content memorization

"The days of multiple choice as a sole provider of data can't exist anymore. At the expense of easier to collect data we are not providing our students with the learning opportunities they need". - Fred Ende

This is a must listen episode for any educators interested in improving their instruction with reagrds to scientific or design thinking. It is very apparent the Fred has carefully analyzed the issues surrounding current scientific education, and has developed some very astute ideas to correct these deficiencies. Fred blogs at

Next Generation Science Standards Resources:

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